Shariah Commitment  




Shariah Department


The Shariah Department consists from a full-time technical and administrative support Shariah Board in achieving its objectives and performance, has the authority to unrestricted full access to all records and transactions, products, contracts, agreements and information, refer to the relevant professionals and advisors of the company staff.

This is followed by the device of the Administrative and Financial Chief Executive Officer of the company with the technical association direct Shariah department.

The Shariah compliance department is headed by the Secretary of the Shariah committee Dr. Sulaiman bin Mohammed Al Jewisser, a specialist in the Islamic financial transactions, and an expert on the Islamic Takaful approval of the General Council of the banks and financial institutions and the Islamic Institute, and (CII).


The Shariah department followed by the following two departments:

  1. The Secretariat of the Shariah.
  2. Shariah Control.

The tasks and Specialties of the secretariat of the Shariah Committee:

The Secretariat shall support the Shairh committee in the performance of the authorities and do the assigned tasks, according to the planed policies and procedures , most prominent acts are as follows:

  1. Preparation and setup of the topics presented to the Committee and meet the requirements of that information, and studies , and others.
  2. Study of the Takaful products, and contracts, and agreements relating to the operations and activities of the company ,and reviewed with the Shariah committee.
  3. Contribute and share the development of methods , contracts, and product invention according to the provisions of Islamic Shariah
  4. Preparation of the minutes of the meetings of the Shariah Board , and the issuance of decisions , projects , and making a special filing system for the relevant documents.
  5. The Secretariat of the Shaiah committee has the right to obtain all the information which contribute to the performance of its obligation.
  6. Communicate with the employees and customers , and receiving their remarks, and inquiries which relating to the Shariah aspect, and to clarify the opinion of the Shariah committee - if any, otherwise referred to reviewed cases on the Shariah scholars.
  7. Raise awareness of the jurisprudence ( Fiqh) in the Takaful insurance company executive departments , and forensic training for employees, and participate in spreading awareness of Takaful insurance.
  8. Communicate with the relevant Shariah authorities in institutions financial and other Shariah corporations and jurisprudential academies, and scientific centers, and institutions.

Tasks, And Specialties Of The Shariah Control:

The most important tasks entrusted to Shariah Control are the following:

  1. Confirm the company's commitment with Shariah compliance policy and activating the policy decisions of the Shariah and integrity of implementation in the required manner.
  2. Make the necessary Investigations for the work of company being in accordance with the contracts , agreements ,and policies , and forms approved by the Shariah committee.
  3. Make sure the commitment of the executive departments of the company to view all transactions on the Shariah Committee.
  4. To make supervisory visits periodically to the company headquarters , departments ,and its branches.
  5. Submit periodic reports to the Shariah Committee - for each control period - including the results of the field monitoring of the activities and operations, and monitor the Shariah remarks outstanding during the period if any.
  6. To participate in the meetings of the Shariah board if needed.
  7. The Control Shariah Department has the full right of access without restriction to all records and transactions , contracts and agreements and, data , reviewed it with the concerned professionals and advisors of company staff if needed.
  8. Communicate with the relevant Shariah authorities in institutions financial and other Shariah corporations and jurisprudential academies, and scientific centers, and institutions.