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Islamic life insurance

What does the Islamic life insurance provide?

This policy provides excellent financial Compensation in case of death or total permanent disability.​​​​​​​​


What will be your premium?

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The Islamic life Insurance Policy from Al Rajhi Takaful provides you and your family with the protection you need against life’s unforeseen events. This Policy gives you excellent financial coverage in the case of death or Total Permanent Disability. And, you’ll be fully covered by a Shariah compliant Policy which encompasses Takaful benefits.


This Policy includes expense coverage in the case of death or Total Permanent Disability. Should either of these cases occur, the Takaful fund will pay regular installments which will be highlighted in your full, valid Policy document.

For your peace of mind, our Islamic life Policy is fully supervised by our Shariah committee, who include a group of leading specialists in Islamic jurisprudence and contemporary financial transactions.


You will receive a range of benefits including:

  • A Shariah compliant Policy.

  • An experienced team of advisors to assist you, 24/7.


As highlighted in your full Policy document, with the Islamic life Policy you’ll be covered for a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • The event of death

  • Total Permanent Disability

  • Any additional conditions contained within your full Policy.

General Exclusions

This Policy does not cover death or disability if it is directly or indirectly due to any of the following:

  • War, (please see article 2/17 in your full Policy document)

  • Deliberate self-injury or attempted suicide by the Participant, regardless of whether they were in a normal or disturbed state of mental health at the time.

  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances.

  • AIDS or HIV infection, or any associated complications.

  • Participation in, or training for any dangerous sport or competition like horse or automobile racing.

  • Any carriage on private aircraft, with the exception of paid carriage on a known specified airline in accordance with international airline regulations or lease services.

  • Any death or injury arising from tasks performed as a member of any branch of the armed forces, whether as a conscripted or reserve soldier, or as a member of a regular military service, as well as any deaths or injuries resulting from the commission or attempted commission of any criminal or a terrorist act. “Armed forces” here as defined as: the army, navy, or air force, or any paramilitary agency, whether organized by the government or not.

  • Nuclear weapons, related components and omitted materials, included but not limited to ion radiation, radioactive contamination caused by nuclear fuel, or combustion, or any remnants of nuclear fission or similar (whether for peaceful or military purposes).

  • Court decisions or those issued by a specific judicial authority under the regulations in force in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Any violation of Islamic legal rulings.

Al Rajhi Takaful promise to deliver affordable solutions that best fulfill the insurance needs of our customers. We offer Sharia compliant insurance solutions keeping in mind the Islamic laws & traditions. The company provides innovative products and offers exceptional services that cater to the diverse needs of its customers across Saudi Arabia. This includes health insurance , travel insurance , motor insurance & more. Through our customer-centric approach, we look after your concerns to the best of our abilities.
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Whether it’s about securing your family’s financial expenses or safeguarding the things you care the most about, the answer is on your fingertip. Just browse through the array of policies we offer and choose the one that suits your needs well. In addition, you can also avail visitor visa insurance and medical malpractice insurance .
Compared to its peer insurance companies, Al Rajhi Takaful is descried as the most trustworthy insurance in Saudi Arabia and has a very convenient, simple, and effortless process for buying or renewing insurance policies . We aim to provide protection to our customers through simpler, reliable, and affordable insurance solutions.
To know more, you can reach out to us on our customer care number – +966 9200 4414 or pay a visit to your nearest Al Rajhi Takaful branch.