Takaful in Islam  




Why Islam Urged for Takaful?


  1. Islam is keen to save lives and money, and considers it as Amana and responsibility where the Muslims will be asked about it in the doomsday; therefore the Shariah urged to save the soul and money, and to take all measures leading to save or minimize the damage that occurred. One of these means is : Takaful insurance; because it is an arrangement that minimize damage and distribute it, which is within the hadith of our Prophet, peace be upon him : (اعقلها – Al Naqa – fasten it) Narrated by Al Tirmizi; this Hadith involves taking preventive measures that protects the occurrence of a potential danger that is the loss of the camel.
  2. Islamic Shariah urged in its truthful legislation on efficient reasons, natural systematic of the human soul such as Preference to live within human groups, studies have shown that historical science of human behavior that the members of human societies since ancient times they were cooperating with each other to share the risks that occurred to any one of them,distributed to everyone out without the instinctive aim to make profit to some members of the community at the cost of others, as is the in conventional insurance.
  3. One of the great blessings that blessed by Allah the Almighty to his worshiper: Grace, security, stability, and peace of mind. When a man has a reassuring mind in the future, he will become stable and he could devote himself to perform his obligations and duties towards his Lord, and towards himself, his community, and Takaful insurance system is one of the means from Allah the Almighty that provide the desired security to humans of what he longing for.