Oct 2018



As part of Vision2030, Saudi Arabia is going through immense change. Part of this change is to achieve a sustainable Contracting sector for the Kingdom. Since the construction sector is the second largest non-oil sector in the Kingdom, this lead to the establishment of the Saudi Contractors Authority (SCA) which was ordained by the council of Ministers on 23/11/1436.

The SCA aims at organizing, developing and regulating the contracting industry, enabling it to build competent capabilities to raise the standards and qualities being produced by the sector and establishing a safe and secure work environment.

It is against this background that the SCA is launching the International Contracting Conference and Exhibition (ICCE). The event will be running under the theme of ‘BUILDING THE FUTURE WITH CONFIDENCE’ from 16 – 17 September 2018 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. The event is aimed to not only create business opportunities but to act as a platform to solve and challenge issues in the contracting industry; encourage creativity, enhance communications, educate, facilitate and advocate not only the SCA members but the industry as well.